2018 Conference Sessions

Demystifying Metasearch Marketing + Four Digital Strategies

Rahul Arora | head of Digital Services | Pegasus

Struggling to keep up with, or frankly just don’t understand, metasearch? You're not alone! Rahul will demystify metasearch marketing for hotels with this uber-informative session. You'll leave with clarity and tools to improve your hotel's performance online.

Did you know? In 2015 (just two years ago!) organic traffic accounted for approximately 60% of the total traffic to a hotel website. In 2017, that percentage was reduced to approximately 40%. Shifts such as these have kept hoteliers on their toes, and necessitate that digital strategies shift too. Now in 2018, maximizing your direct traffic can mean leveraging metasearch as a valuable part of your hotel's distribution mix. This session is worth the time and attention.

Direct is best

Chris de Koos | Director of Sales | Triptease

Triptease wrote the book on Direct Bookings, and Chris usually brings socks.  'Nuff said?

In case you're not sold yet, expect to hear some of the best insight into tactics to drive direct bookings for your hotel. It may have something to do with pineapple.

Rethinking Your Direct Channel to Expose Low Hanging Fruit

Jeff Robertson | Vice President, Marketing | NAVIS

This workshop will walk you through some simple exercises that show you how thinking about your direct channel more holistically can trigger a chain of follow-ups that dramatically improve the amount of revenue your team yields from your existing demand. We’ll walk through some simple formulas and strategies that will illustrate how you can increase revenue by as much as 2x at your properties.

Two's Company, Three's a crowd

Amy Forss | Senior Sales Director | The Rainmaker Group & Mike Pavicich | Director, Hospitality Sales | The Rainmaker Group

Group revenue is one of the most consistent and profitable segments of any property’s overall business. No other segment can be counted on, year over year, for both room and ancillary revenue. In fact, even with record setting occupancy rates, group revenue rates have nearly matched pace with overall growth from the transient sector.  The global business travel market is booming, and our current stable global economy means that RevPAR and revenue for group business travel are expected to increase in 2018.  

Expert co-presenters Amy and Mike will guide you through strategies for effectively managing group optimization in order to drive better revenue and conversion, including leveraging data and tools, tips for streamlining process, ways to empower your team and shift the process back to proactive selling. Hello?! What Revenue Manager doesn't wanna hear that?!

Don’t Let Your Neighbor Eat Your Lunch

Brandon Erhardt | Director, Strategic Initiatives | Expedia

We all know that revenue management is a critical part of the hospitality industry (and our jobs!). So why are so few hoteliers leveraging technology to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities? This session will explore industry trends, new technology, and what you need to know to succeed.