I value learning from real-world experience. attainable solutions to complex problems. my own success. a thriving professional network to support me. being inspired. lifelong learning. leading, not following.

If you value what we value, you’ll love this event.

OUr edge:

  • We build our program around real-world experience - and solving real problems. The ones you face day-to-day.

  • We invite the today’s brightest and most-innovative individuals and companies to share their knowledge.

  • We help you become part of a highly-coveted, skilled workforce that can leverage technology to fuel commercial success.

OUr 2020 Focus:

  • Less talk and more doing - workshop-style presentations built around solving problems - not departments.

  • Finding practical

Our Promise:

Content that is bold, unexpected, real, empathetic, and diverse. It’s intentional—not conversation for the sake of conversation.